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I eventually found the greatest software for recording guitars. REAPER
So far i didn't have any trouble using it, it has all the things i need. It has an easy user interface. everything is simple but packs alot of awesome features. If you are looking for a great software for recording guitars then look no further, Reaper is the best.
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This has been my major concern since I started recording and producing music. Also, it is the main thing that is hindering my current recording sessions.
When I bought my new recording rig, there was one program I had in mind which was Sony Acid pro 6.0, which turned out to be what I needed exactly and gave me a very good and rich recording quality. Its major drawback was that it couldn't start vstplugins in Vista correctly for example: EZDrummer (which is very important for me). I then got Sony Acid 7.0 which is supposed to work for Vista, EZDrummer worked fine but it did something to my system that made it impossible to record in neither Acid 7.0 nor 6.0 (which used to record fine). The recorded file appears to be empty so I stopped using both.
Now I am using FL Studio 8 but I am disappointed with its weak recording quality. It's not giving me any other problems though.
I have been looking around and noticed that many people use Adobe Audition v3. Is it good?
So my question is: What is the best recording software out there?
You can reply by posting what software you use or any recommendations.
My recording rig:
Jackson warrior WRMG
Digitech rp250 (I use the usb to record not a mic)
Guitar rig 3 software as an alternative when I can't find the sound I want on the digitech.